Pro-Life Seminar Calendar


  • Apologetics
    • 101
    • 200
      • Medical Ethics
      • Embryology
      • Personhood
      • Bodily Autonomy
  • Strategy
    • 101 History of Social Reform
    • 201 Theory of Change
    • 301 Critical Analysis
  • Heart Apologetics
    • 101
    • 201
  • Politics
    • 101

Pre-Born Human Rights

Level / Stream Apologetics Strategy Politics Heart Apologetics
100-level Core Apologetics:
PBA100Y: The Human Rights Case Against Abortion
PBA120H: Effective Dialogue About Pre-born Human Rights
PBA121H: Why Truth Matters in the Abortion Debate
PBA190Y: Get Started with Activism
Club Strategy:
PBS100Y: The Mission
PBS102H: Leadership Skills?
PBS103H: Goal Setting?
PBS120Y: Why Victim Photography?
PBS121Y: Defending the Use of Abortion Victim Photography
PBS110H: Campus Media Strategy
PBS130H: Campus Free Speech / Legal Issues
PBP100H: Pro-Life Politics in Canada
PBP105H: Pro-Life Politics in the US
PBP120H: Statistics on Abortion (StatsCan, CIHI)
PBH100H: Understanding her heart
PBH101H: How to Communicate with a Friend Considering Abortion
PBH105H: Post-Abortive Trauma
200-level Intermediate Arguments, Hard Cases, First Premise Objections:
PBA201H: The Biology of Prenatal Human Development
PBA202H: Abortion Methods
PBA203Y: Medical Dilemmas in Pregnancy
PBH203H Health of the Child (FIXME bad numbering)
PBA205H: Personhood and Human Rights
PBA210H: Bodily Autonomy
PBA220H: Online Dialogue About Abortion
PBA221H: Moral Relativism
PBA222H: 5 Dishonest Ways to Argue About Abortion PBA230H: Objections to Anti-Abortion Legislation
Movement Strategy:
PBS200Y: Towards a Theory of Change
PBS220Y: History of Social Reform
PBS230H: Knowing your rights for pro-life activism
PBP200H: A History of Pro-Life Political Activism in Canada (move to 300-level, just interesting background)
PBP201H: Opportunities for Pro-Life Policies
PBP220H: Access to Information
PBP230H: Objections to Anti-Abortion Legislation
PBH205H: Post-Abortive Trauma and AVP
PBH220H: Branching from the Head to the Heart
300-level Topics in Pro-Life Apologetics:
PBA301H: Scientific Consensus on When Life Begins
PBA302H: Contraceptives, Abortifacients, Pills
PBA303H: Double-Effect Reasoning
PBA305Y: Peter Singer: Speciesism and Functionalism
PBA306H: Human Rights
PBA310Y: The Good Samaritan Argument (The Violinist)
PBA311H: Eileen McDonagh?
PBA325H: Effective Online Dialogue
PBA330H: Maternal Mortality
PBA350H: Pre-Born Human Rights Beyond Abortion
PBA360H: Women's Health After Abortion
Topics in Movement Strategy:
FIXME combine PBS301H and PBS202H
PBS301H: Paul Swope, Abortion: A failure to communicate
PBS302H: Scott Klusendorf, The Vanishing Pro-Life Apologist
PBS304H: Frederica Mathewes-Green, Abortion: Women's Rights and Wrongs 1)
PBS305H: Internal debates and Persecution from Within
PBS306H: Historical Social Reform
PBS310Y: Idea Bundling
PBS330H: Operation Rescue / Wrath of Angels / Abortion Free / etc
PBP300H: International Abortion Laws
PBP301H: What R. v. Morgentaler Actually Said
PBP310H: Incrementalism FIXME Clark Forsythe
PBP350H Population Control
PBP311H: Gestational Limits
PBP312H: Personhood Amendments
PBP313H: infants born alive
PBP314H: Sex Selective Abortion
PBP315H: Defunding Abortion
PBP316H: Provider Requirements
PBP317H: Parental Consent Laws
PBP318H: Mandatory Ultrasound / Waiting Period Laws
PBP225H: Conscience Rights
PBP330H: The Effects of Economic Policy and Social Programs on Abortion
PBP211H: Federal Politics and Pre-Born Human Rights (Criminal Law)
PBP215H: Provincial Politics and Pre-Born Human Rights (Healthcare)
PBH310: Moral Psychology & Abortion
400-level Advanced Topics in Defending Pre-Born Human Rights:
FIXME review numbering with changes to 100, 200 and 300 level
PBA401H: Human Embryology / Cellular biology
PBA404H: The Biochemistry of Sex + Epigenetics ?
PBA405H: Personalism
PBA406H: The “Substance” View
PBA410H: A Future Like Ours
PBA411H: The Psychology of Killing
PBA420Y: Moral Philosophy
PBA421Y: Justice? Rights, Interests, or generousity/vulnerability/sacrifice?
PBA450H: The Language of the Abortion Debate
PBA450H: Embryonic Stem Cell Research (science?)
PBA451H: Vaccines and Fetal Cell Lines
PBA452H: IVF / Assisted Reproductive Technologies
PBA453H: Cell lines derived from human embryos (remote material cooperation with evil)
PBA455Y: Consistent Life Ethic
PBA460H: Moral Intuitions and the Burning IVF Lab Thought Experiment
PBA465H: Gradualism
PBA470H: Religious Perspectives on Pre-Born Human Rights
PBA490Y: Pro-Life Internship
Advanced Topics:
PBS401: Effective Strategies and Avoiding Factionalism 2)
PBS402: Language and the Abortion Debate 3)
FIXME history of the Canadian pro-life movement
PBP400H: Pro-Life Laws: Poland, Ireland, Brazil, “red states”, etc.
PBP401H: R. v. Morgentaler
PBP410H: Pro-Life Parliamentary Caucus
PBP411H: Objections to Gestational Incrementalism
PBP451H: Pre-Born Children and American Law
PBP452H: Pre-Born Children and European Law
PBP453H: China's One Child Policy
PBP454H: Gendercide in India
PBP490Y: FIXME get involved with Right Now / WNAL
Moral Injury & Abortion

End of Life Issues

FIXME is this strategy? Or a 400-level apologetics topic in terms of another approach to the moral questions, rather than a strategy question
gestational laws, personhood amendments, Canadian efforts, etc. :?: or Politics?
e.g. life/choice, pro/anti, unborn/preborn, reproductive freedom/pre-born human rights, fetus/embryo/blastocyst, it's a girl / “it” / 2 weeks old/born / etc.