PBP200H: A History of Pro-Life Political Activism in Canada

Maybe this should be instead, Opportunities for Pro-Life Laws

Then, this could be a quick part of PBP100:

  • Legislative efforts since R v. Mortgentaler
    • Bill C-90
    • Pro-life legislative efforts: 1990-2010
      • Paul Steckle's 2006 late term abortion bill
      • 2008 Bill C-484 Unborn Victims of Crime (Ken Epp) :?:
      • Roxanne's Law
      • FIXME others
    • 2010-present
      • maternal and child health care internationally under Harper
      • M-312
      • M-408
      • Niki Ashton's motion
  • Official party policies
    • CPC
      • no change to pro-choice status quo policy under Harper
      • free votes, many pro-life members (roughly half of caucus?)
    • Liberal Party
      • Pre-Trudeau: free votes, minority of pro-lifers
      • No2Trudeau: no free votes, 100% pro-abortion, nominations of pro-lifers will be vetoed
    • NDP: 100% pro-abortion, no free votes, nominations vetoed?
    • Green: free votes on everything, nominations under to local members, but are any pro-lifers actually in the party?
  • public opinion
    • Environics, Abacus Data, etc. polls
  • Canadian pro-life political action: CLC, WNAL / ARPA , 4myCanada, EFC, etc.