PBS310Y: Idea Bundling

FIXME covered briefly in PBS200Y, what's the more detailed follow up here?

  1. Introduce the concept with a story, e.g. PLAGAL and Jesse Brown
  2. Explain the difference between Worldview politics and strategic social reform, horizontal versus vertical action (e.g. Humanae Vitae politics)
  3. Types of Idea Bundling to explore
    1. Ethical (bioethics versus sexual ethics, etc)
      • 2006 Life Chain Press Release
      • “More Issues” on website menu
      • Generation Life: “By spreading the message of chastity, we will end abortion at its root cause”
    2. Religious (e.g. Catholics and Protestants, Christians and non-Christians, religious and atheists - theological debates)
    3. Political (e.g. equating “pro-life” with “Conservative” or “Republican”)
  4. Balancing Beliefs
    • No one-denominational cliques
    • The primary purpose of a club is not to form a prayer group, but to be an activist organization
    • Accommodation of various identities, big tent (not uniformity, but unity)
    • Lead by example, set the tone for members, find the right balance
  5. Interesting question: euthanasia and assisted suicide
    • Explicitly in the mission statement of some pro-life groups (UTSFL, TRTL) but not others (CCBR, WeNeedALaw)
    • Still a right to life issue - but a very different right to life issue
    • Our solution: branding, different projects
      • Still, there's a primary and secondary focus - specialization on end of life issues is needed
  6. Also, major difference between activism/apologetics and analysis or activiation
    • activism/apologetics: specialized, separated
    • analysis (e.g. The Culture War, TOB): integrated
    • activation (e.g. recruitment from churches): collaboration