PBA222H: Five Dishonest Ways to Argue About Abortion

Prequisite: PBA120H

The Lesson

5 Dishonest Ways

  - Confuse Object Claims with Subjective Ones     * “That's just your view”     * “Don't force your morality on others”   - Ad Hominem     * “You're a man! What right do you have to speak about abortion?”   - Assume what you're trying to prove     * My body, my choice     * We need abortion to stop overpopulation   - Confuse human value with human function     * See PBA205H   - Disguise your true position by appealing to the hard cases     * “Can you think of any other situation where we would force, not ask… force, one innocent person to give up their life to assist even the most  difficult and necessary psychological and emotional healing of another?”

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