PBP330H: The Effects of Economic Policy and Social Programs on Abortion

Some of the largest factors why women choose abortion are economic reasons, or reasons closely connected with economic reasons.1) This makes economic policy relevant to the question of reducing the demand for abortion and lowering abortion rates2)

JVM and Camosy listen 26:47-31:42

JVM: I've done a lot of research over the last couple years in terms of how the abortion rate is reduced because, one of the things I've noted is that both Canada and the US have extremely high abortion rates compared to countries with better social safety nets (e.g. the Netherlands, Israel, Germany, Hungary) […] Conservatives should be championing these policies, because we should be the pro-family party…

* Charlie Camosy: think about the demand side of the abortion issue rather than the supply side

Also, 45:25-46:12, starting at “One pro-life said to me that you're just bribing women out of abortions, and I was like, uh, yeah, you wouldn't do that?”

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